Jordan est le Best ever! Et Il n’y aura jamais un autre Mike! Pourtant que de comparaisons entre Jordan et ses potentiels successeurs: Wade, Carter, Mc Grady, James et… Kobe.
De comparaisons il ne peut y en avoir aucune. Des son entree dans la ligue, Jordan a ecrit sa legende! 28pts/match lors de sa rookie season! Ca vous situe le monument!
Une legende se definit par:
– Ses titres individuels et collectifs
– Ses exploits individuels et collectifs
– Son moment (en playoffs et en Finals)

Voyons le palmares de Jordan:
Rookie of the Year 1985, 6 titres NBA, 6 Finals MVP, 5 season MVP, 3 All-Star MVP, 10X meilleur marqueur, 3X top intercepteur, 1 meilleur defenseur. A la tete de la meilleure equipe de tous les temps avec 72 victoires en saison reguliere. Les comparaisons peuvent s’ arreter la! Mais pour que il n’y ait plus jamais de debat avec l’actuelle generation, voici une liste des exploits qui font de Jordan un personnage unique (impossible de les mettre tous):
1er de l’histoire au nombre de titres de MVP des finales NBA. Seul joueur à l’avoir remporté plus de trois fois.
Seul joueur a avoir remporte MVP de la saison, MVP des finales NBA, champion NBA, MVP du All-Star Game et meilleur marqueur de la NBA la meme annee (96&98).
Seul joueur à avoir été MVP de la saison et NBA Defensive Player of the Year, MVP du All-Star Game, meilleur marqueur et meilleur intercepteur la meme annee.
Record de contres sur une saison pour un arrière (guard) avec 131 contres en 1987-1988.
Record du nombre de saisons avec au moins 200 interceptions et 100 contres: 2.
Record de contres en carrière pour un arrière (guard) avec 893 contres.
2eme meilleur intercepteur de l’Histoire.
Plus grand nombre de points sur un match de playoffs: 63
100% de ses matches de playoffs a + de 15pts/match.
41pts/match en finales NBA en 93
35 pts en une mi-temps en finales NBA en 92
Seul joueur à avoir inscrit au moins 20 points dans chaque match de finales NBA.
Et la liste ci dessus concerne les records non partages. Aujourd’hui seul Kobe a un palmares acceptable (mais non comparable). Et seul Lebron James peut s’en approcher. Air Jordan will last forever!



Les Dallas mavericks sont devenus champion NBA! Enfin! Est ce le debut d’une nouvelle ere? D’un regne? Ou comme pour les Celtics l’aboutissement d’une longue quete? Beaucoup de facteurs penchent pour la seconde option.
D’abord l’age; Avec Kidd (38ans) Dirk (32) Terry (33), les Mavs ressemblent peu a une equipe qui commence une dynastie, dans une NBA de plus en plus athletique.
Ensuite l’opposition; sans oter la valeur de cette equipe ils ont beneficié de circonstances qui ont peu de chances de se reproduire: Gasol ne sera pas perturbe par sa copine, Kobe ne sera pas gene par son genou/cheville/doigt et le Heat aura une annee de plus, un vrai pivot et… plus d’humilite.
Pour finir la qualité de l’equipe; on ne passe pas de 4 eliminations consecutives au premier tour a un Repeat, ca se saurait. Chandler a apporté un plus a Dallas mais l’an prochain les Mavs seront attendus au tournant et feront face a des adversaires plus forts! Esperons que les Mavs aussi!


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We all know about American dream. A guy fight hard against life and at the of the story become a real hero and get what he deserves OR a guy make a choice against everybody will and finally proves it was the good choice to make. 2011 NBA Finals will make one american dream a reality (but only one). And it cannot be Lebron James story.
What Duncan, Kobe, Pierce, have in common with Dirk is the faithful to their club, despite all the frustrations. Dirk started with Dallas, take dallas to the playoffs, then to the top NBA teams and finally to the Finals (twice). Winning the title is achievement of a full career committed to help dallas to be a champion. He do not trash, does not look arrogant despite been gifted. This is american dream. And Lebron is far from it.
Except Miami fans we can easily say we all disagree with the Decision. By doing this James did not allow Cavs to obtain valuable players to rebuild (via a 3 team trade). So did he deserve all this hatred? Of course yes! All this criticisms? Not that much. can we accept this team to win when they do so much pain to their drafting team? NO! Almost all champions have in common humbleness, Miami don’t. Miami is in a Me Against the World mode, swagger, arrogant and it will cost them these Finals. They will come back next year humble and start they legacy. 2011 ring fits for The German.


Michael Jordan is the best player ever. It is a statement and it will not change soon. More and more people (Pippen included) play a comparison game with Kobe or James.  No! No! No! (I know i’m a bit rude).

One indicator of greatness is Rings: In the early 90s, MJ realised that: 1) No ring, No Hall of Fame Top 5. 2) Even with a ring, he needs to do something special  to go over Bird and Magic. MJ won 3 consecutive rings, something Magic and Bird failed to accomplish. Some people still argued that 3 years of reign are not enough to establish yourself as the best ever. After winning 6 rings including 2x3peats, MJ finally excluded Magic (5) and Bird (3) from the discussion. Kobe actually has 5 rings and Lebron 0. There is no way both can be in best player talks until they reach MJ numbers. But rings are not enough otherwise Russell or “Big Shot Rob” Horry are better than MJ.

Another indicator is accomplishments: This is the indicator that helps to establish you as a legend and put players like Chamberlain or Jabbar into the talks. Here again, MJ is far from Kobe and James. 5 season MVP, 5 Finals MVP, 10 top scorer titles, 6 Finals MVP, Defensive Player of the year…  Kobe and James are not even close; they never won Defensive player of the year award and have 1 and 2 MVP titles.

Last one is the intangibles, the perception that you are special: Kobe 81pts is a strong one, his 35pts/game too. Kobe is no doubt the best technical player to ever play the game. his range of offensive moves is hard to match even for Jordan. The Black mamba is also known to be among the top game closer ever. James is a triple-double freak and is the most dominant player since Shaq. But Magic 1980 Finals MVP as a rookie, Bird 3 threat and ice blood, Shaq total domination of the paint and his 37pts/15rebs during 2000 Finals, Chamberlain 50pts/game and 100 pts also are strong intangibles factors, and MJ is quite good too. When MJ reached his top with the Bulls in 88 (Conf Finals) he never fell below the Conf Finals in 10 years (88-98), no sweep since then, lost only 2 playoffs series in the 90s (90 an 94), posted 41pts/8rbds/7assists/game in 93 Nba Finals, posted 36pts in one half in 92 Finals, 72 wins in 98…, Never loose a Finals… Yes MJ is also good at intangibles.

Kobe career is almost over, and with Miami rising domination, it will be hard for him to get his 6th ring; and even if; he will just tie Jordan in only one of above 3 indicators. He is clearly among the top 10 players ever. But the 2011 sweep; his actual body shape at 33 (MJ started his second 3 peat at 33) with 15 years of baskeball and Shaq as the alphadog in 3 of Kobe titles; ended his quest to top MJ.

At 26, James will probably get his first NBA in 2011 and already have 2 MVP. As strange as it can be, his future remains uncertain. Wade will probably get 2011 Finals MVP title if Miami wins and Wade will have 30 next January. How long can he play at top level? 3-4 years. Lebron can target 4 rings during this period with 2 possible Finals MVP titles. This is lower than Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Magic, Jabbar… who are between him and His Airness in his quest to top MJ. His supporting cast (Wade, Bosh) and his move to Miami are negative factors, Lebron may never overcome. 


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There is one thing DRose and the Bulls already know even before the start of 2011-2012 season: Miami is their next Eastern Conference Finals opponents! What remains unclear is how to beat them.

Miami Big3 is not at it full potential, they are missing a center and a better bench. They will get both during this summer. Dalembert is affordable at center and there are plenty of free-agent ready to take the mid-level for a title spot.

Chicago has only D-Rose as a Big3 caliber player so looking for a Big3 in Chicago is not a good idea regarding the stability of the core team. Adding to the fact that it will be very hard to do a better 3 than Miami. A strong 5, including a mid range superscorer and a long range pro, is the key to beat Miami. With a player able to score more than 30 pts if Rose is double teamed will help the reigning MVP to play more one-on-one and a 3specialist will break even the best defense rotation. The second option is easy to get as Bulls seriously lacks a consistent shooting guard and there is plenty of free agents who can fill the 2. The best choice is JRSmith because he is 25, explosive, able to drop 10 3s in a game, and aspires to a starting position. It will cost more to acquire the mid range superscorer. 2 of the best options are Granger and Gay and will cost Deng. Deng is a good defender but like Boozer, he failed to be a offensive threat vs Miami. Granger or Gay will provide offensive support from 20 to 40pts in all kind of scenario. The roster:

Noah-Boozer-Granger or Gay-JRSmith-Rose.

With the 2nd ring of this decade soon to have a owner, it is time to see how this decade will be ruled.
NBA History: since the 80 all the teams who won one of the first 2 decade titles managed to won at least 4 decade rings. And all of them got the player of the decade in their team. 80s Lakers won in 81 and owned 5 with Magic. 90s Bulls won it in 91 and owned 6 rings with Jordan, and 2000s Lakers won in 2000 and 2001 and owned 4 with Shaq/Kobe. Those teams were in their prime at the beginning of the Decade.
Considering this, the Heat can be considered as this decade owner. 3 of the top players at their position, already a title spot without been fully equiped (center and bench) and clearly the best player of this decade.
With the actual NBA configuration, Heat reign will be similar than Bulls. Unfortunately (or not) actual players are not commited to the city who drafted them. Miami coming domination will push players like Howard, Paul, Melo, Rose to unite and from big 3s; something impossible with 80s to 2000s players ego. If they succeed then this decade will look like the 2000 with only one team able to back to back and 5 differents winner (6 if you separate Shaq Lakers from Kobe Lakers). The only 2 truths are:
1)James will be the best player of this decade
2) Heat will be this decade owner.
The unknow: consecutive rings or not.


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For the 1st time over the last 4 years we agree with Wenger: Something need to change. He want more size, we want a bit more of all.
Gunners main weakness is the lack of experience. The players are full of talent and are playing the best football along with dortmund, barca, shaktar and Real (pls forget those clasicos), so clearly the best in Premier league. But they lack of consistency, rather play agains big team and reluctant to remain focus against small ones. They also have a poor tied game management, continuing to attack when they have a +1 lead with 10mn remaining instead of secure the result. As I said before, lack of experience.
They also lack offensive power. Not the ability to get close to the keeper but to score without shooting to much on target. Robin is a 9 1/2 not a striker.
To be able to win their 1 title in 7 years, Wenger must simply add to this team:
– A clinical striker: a 1 goal per 3 tries maximum. A player that can close tied games. People will say a drogba/ibrahimovic type able to play strong and put pressure on centre backs, I would say not necessary. The 2 teams who played the Champions League Final have 2 small strikers/forwards. Players like Benzema, Etoo… Can fit in Wenger football.
– A Roy Keane/Vieira like midfielder, with experience. The one who can set the tone in the middle and say to the teens: guyz the game is too tied and it is better to secure 1 point than 0. The type of guy who change lost games into 1 point. Essien, Gattuso, cambiasso, Motha, Yaya…
– A strong centreback duo with both size and experience able to keep the team in place, aligned defensively, and able to annihilate all aerial tries. Vidic

With this adjustments/upgrades, Arsenal strong play will be converted into titles and give them a chance benefit from the talent of Nasri, Van Persie, Walcott and Co