NBA: Summer 2010 can change this NBA decade!

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Hoops
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  1. Lets make it simple… Every decade has it favorite team. This is mainly due to the fact that a player cannot keep his prime for such a long period. The 80s had Sixers, Pistons, Celtics in the East & Lakers and Blazers in the west. The 90s had Bulls, Knicks Magic, Pacers in the East & Rockets, Jazz, Sonics, Spurs in the West. The 2000s had Lakers, Spurs, Mavs in the West & Sixers, Pistons, Celtics, Nets. 10s will not be an exception. Lets make it clear, Spurs, Mavs and the actual Lakers are not part of this decade. Celtics and Spurs are too old and it is time to re-build, Mavs will be in the same process by the end of 2012. LA is different, they still have tradable players to be part of this decade even if Kobe will not end it. This decade is also about big3 and the Heat set the tone: You don’t big3 when you get older with 3 remaining years in prime; you big3 in your prime! And this is the perfect timing, 2011 looks like 1991 bulls starting era of 6 rings. A sign? Not even a bit! 90s were ruled by super ego franchise players reluctant to leave their city or share glory, only accept a lieutenant alongside them. The result? Jordan and Olajuwon took 8 of 10 titles available. 10s is different; best in class players join forces to get a ring, and the success requirement for this decade is triple threat. Summer 2010 is not this decade virage, there was elite players but not enough good players. From 2010, only the Heat completed a Big3, but other teams put together 2 first pieces: Bulls (Boozer, Rose), Knicks (Amare, Melo); OKC already had KD and RW and LA have Kobe, gasol and values to trade. Heat showed that a big3 is 2 elite players + a supergood one and luckily summer 2011 has both… & more Howard, Paul, Deron as the elite; Granger, West are supergood, Crawford, Mayo, Gay, Felton, are good and, and, and… To have the 10s look like the 2000s (Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Detroit, Wade, Celtics) rather than the 90s; Elite teams such as Lakers or OKC (East); Knicks, Bulls (West) must land at least 1 elite/supergood player!
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