Football: Who can beat FC Barcelona

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Football
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  1. Man U – Barca was not a good game of football. In a good game, teams share the ball and domination is back and forth. Man U – Barca was a simply demolition, a demonstration and a statement: Few teams can play this Barca at his best.
    Only 3 titles matter in European football; League, Cup and Champions League. Over the last 3 years, Barcelona missed only 2 of them, both because of the Special One (C1 2010 and Copa del Rey 2011). Playing hard defense against Barcelona is not destroying the game, it is respecting Barca and recognize that they are playing the best football of the 21th century and then just try to counter this play.
    Few things can slow this Barca. First is themselves. Replacing Xavi (31 year old) and keep Pep on a long term, another one. Second is Real madrid. Teams from other league can just wait the end of this Barca era to spot for a Cup. Real Madrid and Mourinho cannot. Madrid needs to beat Barcelona in his prime and Mourinho needs to avoid Pep to put the Best Coach Ever standard to an unreachable level.
    Lets have a round table about potential teams who can avoid the coming reign sponsored by the UEFA:
    1) Real Madrid: Last 4 classico helped Madrid to realise that they can beat this team even while playing offensively but they are better when they counter. Few changes needed as Mourinho already reinforced the middle and confirmed Benzema. They need to keep Adebayor and find a cooler for Pepe (Terry).
    2) Arsenal: Arsenal won quarterfinal first leg by playing offensive and without Van Persie unjustified (yes totally! shame on UEFA referees) out Gunners would have ended Barca run. But Arsenal also had several chances to close it in London but failed. Messi too! They need a clinical striker (Benzema, Ibrahimovic), a boss of the middle (Essien, Scott parker) and an experimented central defender (Kompany, Vidic)
    3) Milan: Fresh spirit, let Ibra go, find a striker, and copycat Inter 2010 semifinal
    Man U: Forget about it! Unless you start Nani and find a playmaker midfielder (sneijder).
    Inter: No post-Mourinho teams have been able to rebound so please at least copycat Inter 2010 semifinal.

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