NBA Finals: Mavs showed Humbleness, not Heat.

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Hoops
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  1. Heat defeat showed the worst part of Miami Big 3
    The world is made of this, people victims of hatred generally want revenge, Miami is not the exception.
    Wade late corner 3pts pictured it; it was like Hey you said all season that we will fail and now we are the world champ!
    huh? a bit too early dude, NBA Champs are humble and if not at least they receive humbleness lessons:
    – Jordan failed several times against Boston and the Pistons and finally cried when he won his first ring despite been made to win.
    – Shaq by Hakeem 4-0 sweep
    – Shaq Kobe by Blazers and Kings Do-or-Die game 7
    – Celtics Big 3 each fails to win a ring make them go tears sweat and blood
    – Olajuwon, Duncan were humble
    Dallas got their lessons on their ways to the finals with fails in finals for Dirk and Kidd (Nets). Miami? Lebron got his with a sweep in 2007 Finals. Not Dwade or Bosh, and somehow they took LBJ in this Us against the world scenario.
    the result is this trio looking agressively to opponents, yelling and… celebrate early after a 3 that just give you a +15 pts with 7mn remaining. More than enough. A total opposite of Mavs: After Dirk final 3 and lay-up he just raised 3 fingers in the air! No need more.
    This is Miami first humbleness lesson. If they got it then they can own both ring and respect. If not then it may cost them a Finals to understand that: No humbleness, No title.

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