NBA 2010-2019 Odds

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Hoops
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With the 2nd ring of this decade soon to have a owner, it is time to see how this decade will be ruled.
NBA History: since the 80 all the teams who won one of the first 2 decade titles managed to won at least 4 decade rings. And all of them got the player of the decade in their team. 80s Lakers won in 81 and owned 5 with Magic. 90s Bulls won it in 91 and owned 6 rings with Jordan, and 2000s Lakers won in 2000 and 2001 and owned 4 with Shaq/Kobe. Those teams were in their prime at the beginning of the Decade.
Considering this, the Heat can be considered as this decade owner. 3 of the top players at their position, already a title spot without been fully equiped (center and bench) and clearly the best player of this decade.
With the actual NBA configuration, Heat reign will be similar than Bulls. Unfortunately (or not) actual players are not commited to the city who drafted them. Miami coming domination will push players like Howard, Paul, Melo, Rose to unite and from big 3s; something impossible with 80s to 2000s players ego. If they succeed then this decade will look like the 2000 with only one team able to back to back and 5 differents winner (6 if you separate Shaq Lakers from Kobe Lakers). The only 2 truths are:
1)James will be the best player of this decade
2) Heat will be this decade owner.
The unknow: consecutive rings or not.



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