NBA: Realistic Destinations for Dwight Howard?

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Hoops
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Tons of articles talked about D12 possible destinations, and tons of them have irrealistic ones (warriors? Are you guys serious?). To get Superman, you need cap room or trade values, and a spot to a ring! In this scenario, only Lakers, Knicks, Bulls and… Magic can realistically target D12. And realistically, D12 will not be available in 2012.
Lakers still have a spot to the Finals, they have in Bynum, Odom, Artest, trade values, plus Kobe. A big 3 with Gasol, Kobe and D12 can get 1-2 rings before Kobe retires. Unfortunately, Kobe, Odom and Gasol ages play against this trade.
Knicks already have 2 elite players. But nothing to offer to Magic. Magic will never accept Amare unless Howard push pressure!
Bulls is the other team with trade values and a title spot. Adding Howard to their roster will make them the NBA alphadog. But D12 costs a lot and not sure the Bulls willing to change their roster knowing that they can be alphadog by adding a good guard (JRsmith) and a top Forward (granger?).
Magic remains a good destination for D12. He knows the management and is familiar to the city. Plus he excludes himself from the Shaq, LBJ syndrom. With Arenas, Turkoglu, Anderson, reddick, JRich… Magic have trade value and can target CP3, Iguodala, West (free) and/or crawford. The threat? Playing with kobe and financial issue.


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