Premier League: Can Arsenal win a title in 2012?

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Football
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For the 1st time over the last 4 years we agree with Wenger: Something need to change. He want more size, we want a bit more of all.
Gunners main weakness is the lack of experience. The players are full of talent and are playing the best football along with dortmund, barca, shaktar and Real (pls forget those clasicos), so clearly the best in Premier league. But they lack of consistency, rather play agains big team and reluctant to remain focus against small ones. They also have a poor tied game management, continuing to attack when they have a +1 lead with 10mn remaining instead of secure the result. As I said before, lack of experience.
They also lack offensive power. Not the ability to get close to the keeper but to score without shooting to much on target. Robin is a 9 1/2 not a striker.
To be able to win their 1 title in 7 years, Wenger must simply add to this team:
– A clinical striker: a 1 goal per 3 tries maximum. A player that can close tied games. People will say a drogba/ibrahimovic type able to play strong and put pressure on centre backs, I would say not necessary. The 2 teams who played the Champions League Final have 2 small strikers/forwards. Players like Benzema, Etoo… Can fit in Wenger football.
– A Roy Keane/Vieira like midfielder, with experience. The one who can set the tone in the middle and say to the teens: guyz the game is too tied and it is better to secure 1 point than 0. The type of guy who change lost games into 1 point. Essien, Gattuso, cambiasso, Motha, Yaya…
– A strong centreback duo with both size and experience able to keep the team in place, aligned defensively, and able to annihilate all aerial tries. Vidic

With this adjustments/upgrades, Arsenal strong play will be converted into titles and give them a chance benefit from the talent of Nasri, Van Persie, Walcott and Co



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