NBA – Bulls need to upgrade their roster

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Hoops
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There is one thing DRose and the Bulls already know even before the start of 2011-2012 season: Miami is their next Eastern Conference Finals opponents! What remains unclear is how to beat them.

Miami Big3 is not at it full potential, they are missing a center and a better bench. They will get both during this summer. Dalembert is affordable at center and there are plenty of free-agent ready to take the mid-level for a title spot.

Chicago has only D-Rose as a Big3 caliber player so looking for a Big3 in Chicago is not a good idea regarding the stability of the core team. Adding to the fact that it will be very hard to do a better 3 than Miami. A strong 5, including a mid range superscorer and a long range pro, is the key to beat Miami. With a player able to score more than 30 pts if Rose is double teamed will help the reigning MVP to play more one-on-one and a 3specialist will break even the best defense rotation. The second option is easy to get as Bulls seriously lacks a consistent shooting guard and there is plenty of free agents who can fill the 2. The best choice is JRSmith because he is 25, explosive, able to drop 10 3s in a game, and aspires to a starting position. It will cost more to acquire the mid range superscorer. 2 of the best options are Granger and Gay and will cost Deng. Deng is a good defender but like Boozer, he failed to be a offensive threat vs Miami. Granger or Gay will provide offensive support from 20 to 40pts in all kind of scenario. The roster:

Noah-Boozer-Granger or Gay-JRSmith-Rose.


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