NBA Finals: Dirk deserves to be NBA Champion.

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Hoops
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We all know about American dream. A guy fight hard against life and at the of the story become a real hero and get what he deserves OR a guy make a choice against everybody will and finally proves it was the good choice to make. 2011 NBA Finals will make one american dream a reality (but only one). And it cannot be Lebron James story.
What Duncan, Kobe, Pierce, have in common with Dirk is the faithful to their club, despite all the frustrations. Dirk started with Dallas, take dallas to the playoffs, then to the top NBA teams and finally to the Finals (twice). Winning the title is achievement of a full career committed to help dallas to be a champion. He do not trash, does not look arrogant despite been gifted. This is american dream. And Lebron is far from it.
Except Miami fans we can easily say we all disagree with the Decision. By doing this James did not allow Cavs to obtain valuable players to rebuild (via a 3 team trade). So did he deserve all this hatred? Of course yes! All this criticisms? Not that much. can we accept this team to win when they do so much pain to their drafting team? NO! Almost all champions have in common humbleness, Miami don’t. Miami is in a Me Against the World mode, swagger, arrogant and it will cost them these Finals. They will come back next year humble and start they legacy. 2011 ring fits for The German.



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